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For your first assessment you need to focus on a Hollywood case or incident that has been considered controversial. You may choose to focus on a specific film, star, producer, filmmaker that has been publicly criticized, questioned or even denounced.
For example: Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle and rape allegations; Johnny Depp and his dismissal from the Fantastic Beasts franchise; Jane Fonda and anti-war activism; Harvey Weinstein and the metoomovement; Walt Disney and accusations of racism and anti-Semitism; Elias Kazan and the Hollywood Blacklist; Woody Allen vs Mia Farrow; The Hunt as anti-Trump propaganda; The Last Temptation of Christ and blasphemy; The Birth of a Nation and overt racism; Aloha and white-washing; Joker and graphic violence.
These are simply suggestions; you can choose your own case study.
Your case study can include the following parts you can order the material on your own and give emphasis where relevant:
Introduction to the case study

Presentation of the controversy

The place of this controversy in relation to Hollywood (as industry and cultural institution)

The historical/social/moral/cultural framework that informs this controversy

Action taken in relation to the controversy and how it relates to the above

Your own conclusions/observations regarding the case (this is an important part of the discussion).

Your analysis should be informed and researched. This means spending time preparing and researching. At the very least two academic sources should be included in your analysis of the case. Make sure that all bibliographical sources are referenced properly in the text and at the end of the paper.
The referencing system you should follow is APA however you do not need to include an abstract. 
Titles of films should always be in italics and their date in parenthesis (this must be the case for the first time the title of a film appears in your essay). If the name of a character is included, the name of the actor should follow in parenthesis. E.g. Neo (Keanu Reeves). This should be the case for the first time the name of a character is used.

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