Any topic (writer’s choice)

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think more deeply about the topics that have been presented during this semester and how you would use this information to encourage college students to be more physically active. You will research and hypothetically implement a program that addresses the problem of physical inactivity.

Background (2 slides)
1. What is “your topic”? Provide the following information: How many Americans does it affect? Does it predispose you to other diseases? What are the modifiable/nonmodifiable risk factors?

2. What percentage of college students experience or are at risk for developing “your topic”?

3. How does physical activity/inactivity affect “your topic”? Meaning, does it reduce the risk of developing the problem? Can it reverse the effects of the problem if you already have it? Can it prevent you from developing further disease or problems? Would it make your problem worse?

Intervention (2 Slides)
4. What are the physical activity recommendations for people with “your topic”? Recommendations should include specific types of activity, volume (how much) of activity, frequency (how often) of activity, and intensity of activity.

5. Find 2-3 examples of programs that have been used at other schools to encourage students to be more physically active and choose one that you would implement at CSUMB. Explain the details of the program – what exactly is the type of physical activity? how many days per week? how much time to spend per session?  how many people can do it at the same time?

6. How would you encourage college students to participate in more physical activity in order to manage symptoms of “your topic” and to prevent development of “your topic”?

Benefits (1 slide)
7. What are the anticipated benefits from participating in your proposed program? Explain why you anticipate these benefits. Benefits could include improvements in physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual health.

Conclusion (2 Slides)
8. Why did you choose “your topic”?

9. How would you use this information to encourage people to remain physically active beyond their college years?

References (1 Slide)
You must have at least FOUR references to support your presented information and the program you intend to implement.

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