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The Final Exam is a four-paragraph thematic essay using six primary sources, three in each body paragraph, each paragraph designed around a topical subject, supporting a theme.

The exam is not timed, but your ISP may knock you out if you leave it open too long, or something may go wrong if you compose directly into the submission box. Please create your essay in an external program, copy and paste the text into the essay box, then use the toolbar to add links and change formatting.

Create a theme (an interpretive thesis that is proved by evidence from several eras – it can be the theme you’ve been working on for the last writing assignment) and support it using three primary sources from either three different eras or many eras under three different topics. So the format is:

I. Analytical Theme and introduction
II. Body paragraph topic sentence
Discussion of this topic, proven by three primary sources, properly cited.
III. Body paragraph topic sentence
Discussion of this topic, proven by three primary sources, properly cited.
IV. Conclusion


cite all sources fully with artist/author, title, date and live link
all sources must be from the Primary Source Boards (you may add them if you need to, then use it – this makes your source available for others to use too)
paragraphs and examples must be presented in chronological order
bold the theme
italicize the topic sentences
take the time to edit inside Moodle – it won’t look right with just copy-and-paste
proofread and spell check – this is a formal essay
Essays will be graded on the level of achievement of:
1. an analytical theme
2. use of college-level English to clearly express ideas
3. two body paragraphs, each with a topic sentence, explaining how the sources connect to the ideas of the paragraph and essay
4. use of at least three primary sources to support the topic of each paragraph and the thesis as a whole (six sources total)
5. sources correctly cited with author/artist, title, date, and active link
6. demonstrates an understanding of the era

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