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.ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS (Short answers 3-5 sentences will suffice.

Define what national security means to you. What is meant by the “National Security Enterprise”? What major elements compose security?

2. What do you think are our top 5 national security threats or challenges? Why?

3. What did the National Security Act of 1947 accomplish? Is the NSC concept still valid in today’s world? How has it evolved?

4. Describe the role of the National Security Advisor. Who is the current NSA and how effective is this position in the current administration? Should this role be changed? Why?

5. What changes to the National Security Establishment were made after 9/11? What changes were made to the intelligence community? Has it been effective?

6. Give your thoughts in answer to the Challenge! in Snow, page 20.  (SEE ATTACHED)

7. Answer question 6 in Snow pg 22.

Question on page 22: Is it true that, as many allege, the United States currently lacks a truly national strategy? If so, whose fault is it? What are its consequences?

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