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Rewrite the essay and answer the questions separately. Essay Prompt: What major innovation would you like to see implemented to help improve your community? Explain what the innovation is, how it would work, and why it would benefit your community.

Restriction: Your innovation cannot be any type of youth/community/recreation center. Come up with something more original!

Length: 4 Paragraphs – each paragraph must be a minimum of 7 sentences

Body Paragraph #1
Body Paragraph #2
Note: For this essay, a community can be any group that you belong to. This can be a specific place, such as a city, neighborhood, or school. It could also be a group of people that you share something in common with, such as Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQIA+ community, nursing students, etc.
Please answer the questions in a separate sheet of paper


Body Paragraphs:



Language Usage:



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