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Course Test
**This assignment is not really a test. I think of it more as a written conversation**

Please begin by taking the time to review your syllabus up to this point and remind yourself of the readings and videos for the first half of the semester. Look over your notes (hopefully you take notes!) to help review class discussions. In 2-3 double spaced pages, please tell me

What have you learned thus far that you did not already know?

What facts, ideas, concepts, stories, writings have stood out to you as interesting or have left an impression for you and why?

Be as specific as you can, draw from class material and just tell me what your learning journey has been thus far in this class. (note: Remembering that learning can also include things you do not agree  with or critiques as well)

You may write this in whatever style you would like (it will not be graded as a writing assignment- but rather for content and thoughtfulness).

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