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The purpose of this assignment is to design a study guide that will assist you and your peers to translate relevant clinical guidelines and evidence-based research into evidence-based practice to promote health and prevent chronic health problems.

You must choose one of the conditions below:

Diabetes Mellitus
Congestive Heart Failure
Chronic Kidney Disease
Your study guide must include:

Definition, etiology
Clinical presentation
Diagnostic testing
Differential diagnosis
Non-pharmacological and pharmacological management and follow up

Submission Instructions:

The study guide is to be clear and concise and will provide a quick reference for a specific chronic disease.
Include your resources and guidelines used for the elaboration of the study guide.
Please use the attached template below to complete your assignment.
Guide for a Selected Chronic ConditionTemplate.docx  download
Students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, misspelling, and references should be current (published within the last five years).

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