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The exam question is simple, but your answer doesn’t have to be.  Historians have to make countless judgment calls on what they deem important and what is not.  That is the beauty of history, and what keeps the profession lively: few people will agree that the same things are important.  Here’s your shot to think and write like a historian.  Make sure you use the readings I assigned to your advantage.  Do not use Google as your main research vehicle.  Many of the sources are not peer-reviewed or legitimate a rubric is listed below.

Write a 500-750 word essay that answers the following question: What was the most important characteristic of the Colonial Period (pre-1776) that shaped modern America (CHOOSE 1: Slavery, Colonial Government Formation, Religion, Altantic Commerce).  Citations required.

Remember, evidence is key here.  Don’t just tell me, show me.

The assessment addresses Course Learning Outcome(s):

Discuss the historical development of pre-civil war America, including the key political, social, cultural, artistic and economic forces that shaped the nation.
Identify and analyze problems throughout this period, such as factors leading to the Revolution and the Civil War.
Relate the events, ideas and people of pre-civil war America with present societal conditions.

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