Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer some questions

Find 3 key words and answer question:

1)Why those three Keywords?

2)How do you define those terms?

3)How do they help us understand the topics and history covered that week and in the course to date?


4) Why does China develop a car industry and culture?  And what does that have to do with the climate crisis?

5) How can you relate the material you read/watched this week to The Hero?  Note: It’s critical to learn to relate the big changes and issues we cover to the specific lives of individuals (just as you will soon do with your Autobiography assignment).

6) What is the organizing principle of the course? Big Questions. What are Big Questions (BQs)?  How should one formulate (options) and address them?

7) Whats the most important thing to do to get the most from and ace this course?  Learn what it takes to do well in this course and general course set up.

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