Any topic (writer’s choice)

Students will be selecting one of the activities from their Facilitation Papers and presenting in class with peers. Presentations must be from beginning to end 15 minutes.
Students will be evaluated on their leadership skills, knowledge of the technique, ability to engage class in the technique and the modifications or considerations provided based on the chosen diagnosis.  Students will provide the instructor and each of their classmates an activity protocol 

Quick summary: (15 points)
Include: Your diagnostic group (age, diagnosis, facility). The intervention, research study you referenced for this, authors, and brief review of expected outcomes for the program and problems being addressed in the week you are presenting (protocol).

Introduction: (15 points)
Please begin as if you are facilitating to your patients.
Example: Good-morning, good afternoon, other, My name is
This is …………  If this is a week other than the first you will give the brief overview of the previous week and how it bridges to the week you are presenting.  Give purpose to your clients what this session is about. How does this session connect to the overall program (6 weeks) and patients problems.

Activity/intervention: (30 points)
Step by step.
Be creative and have some fun.  Your peers and professor are your patients.  You are presenting a modified version of the session as this is less time than the actual session.
Note: Beginning, Intervention, Closure and debrief. All need to be included and not rushed.
Is it rushed, missing important steps, not prepared.

Closure and debrief:  (20 points)
Reminder: This is an important component of the overall session and program. 
Explain how you will include patient in the debrief as well. Provide me with examples of what you would say or do as well. What thought provoking quesitons will you ask? Keep in mind this is did you enjoy the session time.

How will you close and bridge this session to the following one? Give examples.

Using these two articles

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