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For this case study, The paper should include…

Identification of the leadership and communication problem(s) and analysis of the reason for the problem(s)The what and the why

    a.    For instance: What are the key leadership and professional communication issues inherent in this case? Are they occurring at multiple levels in the organization? Why are they occurring?

    b.    Explain and cite important leadership communication concepts as you introduce them. Remember, the board might not know all the terms you are using (you are the communication experts here). Each time you introduce a key course concept, be sure to:
      i.    explicitly define the term (in your own words, avoid quoting),
    ii.    cite your sources in APA Style, and
    iii.    relate the concept back to the case through explanation

c.    After introducing the problems, provide an insightful and thorough analysis of why the problems are occurring. Similar to identifying the problems, make sure to support your claims.

d.    If applicable, it might be helpful to identify what is working in the organization related to the problem(s)if anything.

at least 2: peer-reviewed, scholarly articles and/or comparable corporate examples.

I have provided a list of concepts but only use the ones that relate to the case study.

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