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Part C- Case Study (15 points)
Select only 1 of the following case studies and answer all of the questions pertaining to how you would conduct that study:

Case Study Option 1: You want to conduct a study to understand the barriers that formerly incarcerated community college students face in terms of access to higher education.

Case Study Option 2: You want to conduct a study to understand how the experiences working at a summer camp have shaped leadership skills of staff members.

Case Study Option 3: You want to conduct a study to understand how high levels of caffeine intake affect college students ability to perform on final exams.

Write a specific research question for the case study you have selected (1pt):

Identify the type of study you would use in order to answer the research question: (2 pts)

Name the population or participants involved in providing the data for the study: (2 pts)

Identify the variables (2 pts)

Identify the sampling methods that you would use: (2 pts)

How would you proceed? Take me through the process: (2 pts)

Are there any ethical considerations you would need to make when conducting this study? If not, explain why not. (2 pts)

What are some possible limitations of the study you are setting up? (2 pts)

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