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The term paper is based on the amazon article provided for us. I will attach the article as well. The appropriate headings must be included(sub headers). The content that should be on the term paper should be divided into parts such as the introduction and analysis of the organization(2.5 pages) and should include a PESTI analysis only relevant to the company. Including secondary research evidence in sentence form. A SWOT Analysis needs to be included as well. Needs to be done the same way as the PESTI. The the next page will be the focal issue(0.5 pages). Identifying the primary issues faced by the company(2.5 pages). The page after that needs to Include analysis of issue using course material and secondary research evidence. Applying these concepts to the situation described in the case. Supply the analysis with other examples from secondary sources. ( How have other companies dealt with similar challenges). Recommendations(2.5 pages). Based on the analysis identify two or more issues the company facing. Then select the best one and justify this recommendation. Discuss how management could begin to implement your recommendation solution and outline some ideas on how you can evaluate if the recommendation is working. Also, the paper should be ended with a brief conclusion.
Thank you. I have also included the outline to the assignment and the rubric.

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