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Position Paper Group Project: The group project requires the group to select a business issue affecting an organization you have or currently work for and determine how to address it using any of the HR approaches studied in the course.

**Business issue: Creating a Harassment Free Work Environment **

The project requires you to make specific recommendations about what HR policies are appropriate for your business. Write a position paper explaining how you would implement your approach and how it would address the problem.  (Whats the impact, how would you measure it?)

Covering the points:

1-The Issue That Needs to Be Resolved
2-Executive Summary: Background Information
3-Options That Are Available
4-Cost-benefit Analysis of Options
****5-Recommendation of the Best Option

As part of the group my points are 5 and 6, so those are the questions that you need work on.
(****5-Recommendation of the Best Option

* All references should be cited appropriately in APA standards.

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