Any topic (writer’s choice)

Answer these questions about the movie
Fermat’s Last Theorem – The Theorem and Its Proof: An Exploration of Issues and Ideas [1993]

Who is its main character? You may feel that the man is the main character, or you may feel
the equation is its main character. Be sure to mention both.

Why have I shown this to you now? What does the content have to do with logic?

Comment on what was interesting, surprising, or in general what you learned about
mathematicians or the culture of mathematics

Note a few of the mathematicians, aside from Wiles:

Note any of comments or stories that caught your attention:

What is Fermat’s Last Theorem, and why is it, and the proof, interesting?

What does Fermat’s Last Theorem, or its proof, contribute to the practical world?

What did you observe about problem solving techniques?

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