Antne Fisher Movie Review

This assignment will provide an opportunity to use film to reflect upon the course content regarding the nature of loss, theoretical perspectives on grief, grief process and manifestations, and developmental issues.

Movies are forms of entertainment that often take real-life experience, to move, inspire, teach, or thrill us. For this assignment, you will select and observe any film that highlights content related to loss, grief, or bereavement. You will then make observations about how the film enhanced your understanding of grief and relate the topics being addressed in the course.

1.    Writing requirements:

    Graduate level quality written and/or oral communication MUST be demonstrated
by the proper use of conventions of the English language (e.g., capitalization, spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, high level of vocabulary, etc.), where applicable. Points will be deducted depending upon the degree to which the assignment fails to meet this expectation.

    Adhere to APA Publication Manual. Paper MUST be APA formatted with a title page, headings, page numbers, and References etcetera? Points will be deducted depending upon the degree to which the assignment fails to meet this expectation.

2.    Review the movie listed below:
            *Antwone Fisher

3.    After observing the film write up a brief (1-2 page double-spaced) report with concise responses to the following questions:

a.    What was the name of the film? Main characters? What were the themes or types of loss portrayed in this film?

b. How does the film illustrate any of the concepts covered in the readings? For example, here are some questions that might be relevant.

c.  In what ways does the film speak to the pervasiveness or nature of grief or cultural norms or variations in the grief process?

d. To what extent and how is bereavement, mourning or disenfranchised grief illustrated in this film?

e. To what extent is the grief process portrayed in the film, consistent with the theoretical perspectives presented in chapter one?

f. What developmental issues did you observe as portrayed by the actors/actresses in the film?
c.  What impact did this film have on you?

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