Answer assignments

Assignment 1
Define the Latin term “in pari delicto” and state whether you agree or disagree with the legal doctrine regarding legality in contracts.(cite you sources)

Assignment 2

You are a paralegal with a law firm. One of the firms clients, a corporation, has entered into a contract to purchase the property from Dwight Sneed. The client, after entering into the contract, has discovered that Dwight Sneed is 16 years old. The client is worried that Dwight Sneeds promises under the contract are unenforceable, and to avoid problems, the client wants to get out of the contract. Is the contract enforceable by Dwight Sneed against the corporate client? (Cite you sources)

Assignment 3

Please answer questions 1 and 2 at the end of Chapter 6 on page 143 (numbered 6)and question 1 at the end of Chapter 7 on page 182 (numbered 7)(Attached are the questions) (cite your sources)

Assignment 4

Under what circumstances would a researcher be motivated to research the legislative history of a law or statute? What process would you follow if you were to research the legislative history of a law or statute?(Cite ur sources)

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