Annotated Bibliography

For this graded assignment, you are to write an annotated bibliography of materials relevant to your chosen research essay topic from eight different scholarly sources.

My topic is
“What is the power of big media and how has it changed given technological changes in the last twenty years?”

1. Each annotation is to be 150 words (+/- ten words) of text, excluding the bibliographic reference itself.

2. At least three sources are to be scholarly articles and two either scholarly books or a chapter
from a scholarly book.

3. Otherwise, any sources that you deem to be credible (see Evaluation during Reading in the Purdue Online Writing Lab
of_information/evaluation_during_reading.html are acceptable, such as government reports
or statistical databases.

4. The annotation must describe both the content of the source, and describe how the source is
relevant to your essay topic.

5. Do not copy (which is plagiarism) or rely on abstracts

Grade Standard

1. Selection of source (55%)
a. The sources appropriate to your essay topic. /10
b. You selected sources from at least two scholarly books and three scholarly
c. You have a minimum of eight annotations. /25

2. Communication (35%)
a. Uses language clearly and effectively. /10
b. Information organized intelligently. /5
c. Briefly describes the sources contents. /10
d. Relates the source explicitly to the essay topic. /10

3. Attention to Detail (10%)
a. APA Referencing and formatting (title, headings & references), and
annotations in alphabetical order by author.
b. Spelling and grammar. /5
Total /100
Assignment Value (10%) /10

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