annotated bibliography

Annotated Bibliography
For this assignment read your selected articles and write an annotated bibliography for the 2-5 most pertinent articles on your chosen topic (picot question is the topic). The annotated bibliography looks at each research article individually and addresses the following:

Step one: List the first reference using correct APA formatting. Step two: summarize the article in one paragraph using APA guidelines (citing required). Step three: in another paragraph note why you have chosen to include this article and what information it provides related to your PICO(T) topic. Follow these three steps for all articles.

Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double space, and assure 1 margins.  Include a running head (Running head) with your last name and appropriate assignment name (ex. BURGERMEISTER_BIBLIOGRAPHY) as well as page numbers.
Since the reference for each article will be stated prior to each article summary no reference section is required.

teacher advised that the articles must have More epidemiology about CHF is needed since that is your area of interest. For example what is the rate of CHF in the U.S.? Does this differ according to socioeconomic factors? How may CHF patients use telehealth currently? The answers to these questions will greatly inform your PICOT topic.

picot is
In hospitalized adults with congestive heart failure, how effective is telehealth education compared to non-telehealth education in decreasing readmissions?

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