Analysis of a political actor- Piers Morgan

An analysis of the public communications of one political actor (Piers Morgan)

The analysis should cover at least the following topics (Note: Use examples/evidence for each point made):   

    Name and description of the communicator analyzed
    Principal communication goals
    Principal messages what does he/she want to communicate to his/her audiences?
    Principal avenues of communication
    Principal techniques used
    Principal target audience(s)
    Feedback/reactions/responses of target audiences
    Effectiveness of the communication (including evidence of the effectiveness)
    Has he/she/it accomplished the goals? If so, why? If not, why not?
    Problems that the communicator has faced and how they were solved (or not)


LO1. Understand and explain interactions between politics and media.
LO2. Analyze and understand political propaganda and psychological warfare.
LO3. Evaluate and link media reporting with broader political, economic and strategic interests of governments, corporate sector, civil society, terrorist organizations, etc.


Assessment Criteria    Points
Demonstrated  understanding of the basic concepts of political communication
Applied understanding to the chosen subject with intelligence, insight and creativity?
An analysis that makes sense in the real world

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