Analysis Art Work

Choose a Work of Art

Final Paper: Select an Artwork to Analyze and Contextualize.

750 Words typed, doubled spaced

You will choose a work of art to analyze. You may choose any artwork/artist covered in the textbook or lectures. If you want to write about something else, please get permission from me. I will only accept papers on artwork covered in the class or pre-approved by me.

You will include at least two sources (does not include Wikipedia or the textbook) using parenthetical, in-text citations. The first half of your paper should focus on formal analysis, the second on providing context, insight, and illumination.

Part 1: Analyze the Artwork

Describe the artwork in detail breaking down the formal qualities using the terminology from the textbook and lecture. For example: Is the artwork representational? Abstract? What do the qualities of the brush strokes reveal about the artist? Explain the tone of the artwork by referring to specific, objective details. Your paper should reflect an understanding of the concepts and classifications discussed in class and in the textbook in order to receive a passing grade. That being said, the thoughts and ideas you present in your paper should be your own. Do not merely look up published responses online and summarize. If you are stating someone elses idea, please provide a reference (see below).

Part 2: Provide art historical and/or cultural context.

What was the art scene like at the time? What art/artists/movements preceded and/or followed? Capture the zeitgeist. Why is this artwork important? How does it reflect or contradict the time and culture in which it was made? It will be important to choose an artwork that can be researched. You cannot complete the assignment with an unknown artwork. You will need to include the title, author, and image and/or source url for the artwork. Remember, just because the internet says it, doesnt make it true. Dont feed me garbage from garbage sites. Blogs can be dangerous. The best blogs provide sources.

You will need to include a works cited page in MLA format. Please see the guide below for proper use and formatting.

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