75 year old Mrs. Smith is widowed and has mild COPD in Manhattan, Kansas. She lives in her own home.  Her doctor has told her to exercise 30 minutes daily and get the COVID-19 vaccine. She is 5 foot 3 inches and has a BMI of 35 (she is obese.) She becomes breathless when she walks more than 50 feet, and she has quit trying to exercise.  She sits indoors in her recliner and watches TV when she is not at church. Her main interest is her grandchildren. Her daughter grocery shops for her once per week. She will shoot herself before she lets her children put her in a home. Please comment on Mrs. Smith’s health and construct a plan for her to meet her doctors advice.  There is no perfect answer to this assignment. Based on the information in this module, tell Mrs. Smith why she should exercise, how she should exercise, and if she should get a flu shot?  Consider using outside sources like for additional recommendations.

Feel free to discuss this scenario with roommates, classmates, co-workers, and friends. Discussion generates ideas and answers for people who have less experience with the elderly.

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