against military drafting

This is a argumentative essay. This whole essay should be about why I am against military drafting.

Please email me by my email
[email protected] because I need to send you 7 articles that NEED to be used on the argumentative essay.

I provided all the formatting of how the essay should be from intro/thesis, body paragraph 1 which is the counterclaim and rebuttal paragraph, body paragraph 2&3 are my main points of why I am AGAINST military drafting and a conclusion which I provided on how it should be done in the file of photos.

FYI the intro/thesis should have a claim.

They files I sent may not be in order so you need to look at each photo before you can find the right template.

Please email me by my email
[email protected] as you need the (7) articles.

Please only cite by last name, no floating quotations, no plagiarism and paraphrase PLEASE.

Any questions you can again email me by my email^^.

There are no word limits or any exact page limits. (2-3) is fine as long as it is done properly.

This is due by May, 27, 2021 Thursday at 9:00AM no later..

I am offering money as well for your hard work:)

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