African Politics

Please submit your own work.  All essays will be subject to Turnitin anti-plagiarism software.  Quoted material must have quotations marks around it.
This is an open book exam.  Students will be able to consult with course materials during the exam period.  Students may, but are not required to, provide page numbers for course materials.
Students are limited to a maximum of 800 words for their answer.  For your own purposes, you should verify word count/essay length prior to submitting your paper to the Dropbox.
Students should draw from the arguments of the authors relevant to each question.  The best essays will be those that go beyond merely summarizing each author.  Ideally, essays should present a thesis followed by a discussion which draws from the readings to make their case.
Students will be expected to follow commonly accepted rules of grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

Question #3
Africa struggles between the promise of democracy and the hazards of corruption?  If democracy is what many people in Africa want, why is it so difficult to realize?  In an essay which cites at least four of (1) Posner and Young, (2) Olivier de Sardan, (3) Michelle DArcy, (4) Nganje and Nganje, and (5) Jackson and Rosberg, explain the salience of both democracy and clientelism/corruption in African politics?

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