African American History

a) Choose from only one of the following problems in Robert Collins’ Problems in African History, and any of the Supplemental Materials that have been assigned and are relevant to the Problem area of your choice.
Problem I: Africa and Egypt (Davidson and Diop will be very helpful.)
Problem II: Islam in Africa
Problem III: Slavery in Africa [and the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade]

b) For the problem you choose, write a short critical evaluative essay (1500 words) using the following guidelines:
Cover page: Should be the top paper with no page number indicated. It should only contain your name and the Problem number and topic you’ve chosen to write on. 

Introduction: Locate the problem you choose within a relevant theme covered or to be covered in class.
Main body: Identify each author’s argument/interpretation, and the strength/or its lack thereof in the light of what you have read/learned on that theme. Do they back their claims/arguments with objective historical sources?
Conclusion: Do you agree or disagree with their views? Give reasons for your agreement or disagreement.
Bibliography: Write these after your conclusion, on a separate paper. Your bibliography will be the main documents/references for each of the authors of the problem you chose to write about.

c) Write in continuous prose while arguing your points in paragraphs, paying close attention to clarity and grammar: proof-read your final draft before handing it in. The typing should be in normal size 12 font and
in Times New Roman, double-spaced. Number your pages consecutively and staple the papers.

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