Affordable Care Act

The future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was made even more uncertain by the 2016 election cycle.  Having control of Congress and the White House gives Republicans a chance to fulfill a long-held campaign promise repeal and replace the ACA.  Review the summary of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) provided by the Kaiser Foundation along with articles from the Common Wealth Fund and the Urban Institute that provide assessments of the AHCA.

For this assignment, write an analysis that includes the following:

Compare and differentiate the major provisions of the American Health Care Act with the existing provisions of the Affordable Care Act.
Address the potential effects of the American Health Care Act on the health care system (patients, providers, and payers).
Provide a brief explanation as to why the American Health Care Act failed to gain the support necessary for enactment.
Even though there has not been a successful repeal/replace legislation, President Trump has used his executive powers to rewrite existing regulations and implement new policies.  Discuss these changes and what they mean for the Affordable Care Act. 
You are required to follow the guidelines below when submitting your assignment

Type in Microsoft Word, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12pt. font size, Times New Roman font
A minimum of five (5) pages, but no more than seven (7)
A minimum of two (2) peer review references

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