A Summary of Diffusion of Innovations by Les Robinson

After reading thoroughly the linked article and watch brief lectures, you need to (1) summarize the main arguments (objective description, OD; about 400 words) and (2) construct your reflection on the assigned materials (subjective analysis, SA; about 400 words)

Please keep in mind that:
1) Summary of main arguments = objective description – This is a simple summarization of the assigned article and materials.
2) Your reflection on the assigned materials = subjective analysis, interpretation – This is not a summary, but your own analysis on the article and materials. 

Writing an “objective description” is to summarize the assigned material objectively and value-freely, while writing a “subjective analysis” is to create your own analysis with your own words. 

Grading criteria : command of topic (3pts); analytic development (3 pts); organization (3 pts); syntactic variety and language (3 pts); & control of mechanics (3 pts):


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