780 Discussion Thread: Leadership Responsive Styles


Manning & Curtis: Chapter 2
Read: Merida: Elijah: A Man like Us 17:1 24, The Showdown at Mount Carmel 18:1 46, God’s Grace for a Depressed Servant 19:1 21

Chapter 2: The Leadership Equation
Read: Luke 19:1-10
Read: Matther 28:19-20
Read: Galations 2:11 14
Read: Situational Leadership (attached)

Must be a minimum of 400 words and supported with a minimum of 2 sources excluding the text.  All sources must be properly cited and referenced in APA 7 format within the initial post.

After completing the reading assignments above, you will write a discussion board response to the following points:

1) Identify each leadership responsive style from the Situational Leadership model and reflect a time that you have either used one of these styles or observed it in other leaders. Elaborate on its effectiveness in developing others and what could have been done to improve this process.

2) In addition select a biblical leader that also used a situational leadership approach and discuss the biblical principles demonstrated. Include lessons learned that you could use in developing others within your own leadership responsibilities.

3) Analyze 2 Scholarly sources and discuss to what extent they align with your response to the discussion question. 

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