780 Call to lead and Develop other Leaders Reply 2_AS


Manning & Curtis: Chapters 8-9, 12-13

Read Merida: The Wise Fool 9:10-11:43, The Torn Kingdom 12:1-14:20. A Lamp in Jerusalem 14:21-16:34

Chapter 8: Leadership Authority

Matthews 20:25-28

This is a discussion board reply to peer. You will reply to the attached classmate paper. You will add knowledge to the paper. You should introduce fresh thoughts ( rather than repeating the initial post), Engage the initial thread.  You must integrate information from the book as well.

Replies must be supported with a minimum of 1 source, excluding the text. Support your assessment with two scholarly sources and discuss to what extent they align with your response.
Use 1 biblical Integration.

You will be graded by: The contribution made to discussion with each reply,
(2) expounding on the thread. Major points are supported by all of the following: Learn materials; Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples; Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts); and At least1 peer-reviewed source
citations, in addition to the course textbook

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