7 Slide Power point

Derek Chauvin

Think about a case that we have discussed in this course with which you may be familiar. In this assignment, you will create
a PowerPoint presentation in which you will first describe the case, its outcome, and the sentencing received by the
defendant in the case. In your presentation, you will cover the following items:
How do the five goals of sentencing relate to each other within the case?
How do the five goals of sentencing influence laws?
How were the five goals of sentencing used to structure the sentence imposed in this case?
Be creative with this; you can add pictures, themes, bullets, charts, graphics, images, or even utilize color in your
presentation. Ensure that your PowerPoint is readable and visual appealing. Have fun and create something more advanced
than a black-and-white, plain presentation with just paragraphs on each slide.
Your presentation must be at least seven slides in length, not counting the title slide and reference slides. All sources used,
including your textbook, should be cited and referenced properly using APA style.
For help with creating a PowerPoint, view the the Success Center webinar for creating a PowerPoint.

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