6150 W5 DB

In three or four paragraphs describe your organizations culture.  If you are not currently working, reflect on a previous professional environment and explain its culture. Using the information provided in chapters 12 14 of our text, describe the unique aspects of your organizations culture and respond to the following questions:

Is the organizations culture conducive to change? In other words, does its culture make it easy for mid-level managers to implement change?  Are employees encouraged to think creatively and identify ways of improving programs and procedures?
What is the role of the organizations leader in its culture? For instance, is the leader instrumental in the good, or bad, culture that exists within the organization?  Would you attribute your organizations positive or negative culture to the leadership style of the individual(s) at the top?
Does the organization focus on its history, past accomplishments, and the people who made it what it is today?  During banquets, award ceremonies, or annual gatherings (if there are such ceremonies), does the leadership invoke the names of people who either founded the company or were influential in its success?  Or do the organizational leaders focus primarily on their own accomplishments?
Does the culture of your organization seek incremental change as a way of competing with others in business or industry, or does it encourage deep change the kind that accepts risks?
If you were the CEO of your organization what would you do to change its culture – or would you not make changes?

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