6107-Course Development and Influencing Factors

Course Development and Influencing Factors

The previous assignments in this course focused on a specific nursing curriculum either in an academic setting or a clinical setting. Use the same curriculum as the focus for this assignment.

For this assignment, design a course to be included in your selected nursing curriculum. In your course design:

Provide a description of the course. In your description, include:
Course name.
Overview of course content.
A description of how or where the course fits in the selected curriculum.
Explain your rationale for including the course in the selected curriculum.
Provide a topical outline for the course.
Explain with whom and how faculty members would collaborate when considering the new course and the overall curriculum design.
Discuss how the following influencing factors must be considered when proposing this new course for the selected curriculum and how these factors will affect curriculum design:
Internal factors, such as organizational processes, curriculum committees, and internal review bodies.
External factors, such as funding, stakeholders, and regulatory and accrediting agencies.
The mission, philosophy, and framework of the program and parent institution.
The types of collaboration between external and internal stakeholders will be needed throughout the process of curriculum development.

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