5- Lesson Teaching Plan Presentation

Many of us have had the involvement of godly women in our lives in some way or another maybe our moms, grandmothers, or other female relatives; friends, neighbors, school teachers, and Sunday School teachers, to name a few.  As you think about those things that you appreciated and learned from them, consider how you can have that same kind of influence on someone else.  It could be one-on-one or with a group of people.
This final assignment is an opportunity for you to creatively develop a plan for reaching out to women, with a view to influencing them for Christ and helping them to know more about God as well as their own place in this world.

As an example, we now have a whole realm of influence open to us due to modern technology the internet.  Check out this website ministry developed by a husband and wife team who wanted to reach people in Iran, which is a highly restrictive country where 70% of the predominantly Muslim population is under 30 years old.  See information on this ministry here:  How 222 Ministries Started and here Internet Ministry.  In that country, many are suffering from high rates of drug abuse, depression, prostitution, and religious persecution.  What better way is there to reach hurting people where they are able to study and learn about Christ privately and anonymously if need be?  They can view these studies on their computer, tablet, or phone.         
Below are two articles for you to read to get some extra input on ministering to women.  As you read them, be thinking about a cross-cultural ministry that you could do in some way, whether across social or economic differences just in America or across cultural and religious differences in other countries.

Read the following articles that are attached.
1.  Online Tribalism Threatens Women’s Ministry
2.  God’s Role For Women in Ministry

For this assignment, develop a teaching outline for a Bible study or a practical theology topic that would follow these guidelines:
Your focus must be on women.  It can be for whatever sub-group you may want to identify and for whom you have an interest (i.e., single Moms, divorced women, women who are victims of crime, etc.)

Your study must include five (5) lessons
The lessons can be based on a book of the Bible, a passage of Scripture, or focused on an important topic for new believers, struggling Christians, or the unsaved.

For each of the five lessons, including the following:
A PowerPoint presentation of at least 5 slides for each lesson
At least three main points, with a paragraph explaining your thoughts for each point (1 slide each, 3  slides total)
Use Scripture to support each point 
For each lesson, choose a woman of faith we have studied in this course (from Severance or other readings) that you can use as an example for the women you are teaching.  Highlight their faith and contributions to society (at least 1 slide)
A specific goal for your students to achieve as they put into practice what they have learned from the lesson (1 slide)

Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required for citations, and include a reference slide at the end of your presentation.

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