39.2 roles assignment

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Deadline Sun 15th December 2013, midnight
Submission via Moodle as audio recording or word-processed questionnaire

P3 describe the contracts associated with an area of the music industry

M3 explain the contracts associated with an area of the music industry

D3 comment critically on the

contracts associated with an area

of the music industry


1 Choose one of the three roles you researched for the 39.2 roles assignment.


2        Explain the features of at least two kinds of contract that you might encounter as a professional in that role. You may wish to comment on:

          2.1        Definitions

             2.2                                       Term

             2.3                          Exchange of rights

             2.4             Payments, royalties, commissions

             2.5                                 Warranties

             2.6                                  Exclusivity

             2.7                                 Jurisdiction

             2.8                                Appendices

3           Explain any other features that are specific to the contracts you have chosen.

4           What conclusions do you draw about what is fair and unfair about this contract? [distinction grade]

5           Contract comparison [distinction grade]

             5.1        Choose two contracts of the same kind

             5.2 Compare at least two of their clauses, for example: a) royalties; b) term

             5.3 Can you find any mistakes, spelling errors or possible loopholes?


Moodle > Sound & Music Industry > 39.3 contracts

You will find three folders containing different contracts for the same purpose. Some have explanatory notes.

The lone item ‘informal recording contract’ does not seem to have been drafted by a legal professional and contains a number of flaws that you might choose to comment on for question 5.

NB      Distinction grade questions are optional, but you should have a go anyway!

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