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Turn in a 3 page paper on Entropy as it pertains to Cryptography. The paper must discuss the relationship of Entropy to the likelihood that an attack can be successful, the formula for computing Entropy, and the impact that Shannon’s concept of Entropy had on the field of Cryptography, and any other ideas you think are important to be included.
Turn in a 3 page paper on linear and differential cryptographic analysis, what is it, how does it work, how is it used. The paper should explain the basics of each method and then compare the differences in the methods. Include some historical details (inventor, time period of use, success/failures). Also discuss the impact of Cryptography of these two methods of attack
Turn in a 3 page paper on Cryptographic Hash Functions. The paper will cover methods to create CHFs, security of CHFs, differences between keyed and non keyed CHFs, iterated hash functions, and SHA and Message

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