3 Day Diet Analysis Assignment

Specifications: Document what you eat and drink over 3 full days (choose 2 week days and 1 weekend day). Each student must assess their average intake (this means add all 3 days of each nutrient and divide by 3 to arrive at the average), and provide a 1 page word document that includes the following:
    A – The students average intake of each nutrient.
    B –  All work for the following must be shown. Estimate energy requirements using the DRI equation on page 156 of textbook. Start by listing: height, actual weight, gender, age, and physical activity factor. Calculate your BMI using the equation on page 157. Indicate if your BMI is underweight, normal, overweight, obese, or extremely obese.  If your BMI is in a normal range, use your actual weight to calculate your energy requirements using equation on page 156.  If your BMI is under or over normal, you need to use the midpoint of your normal BMI to estimate your energy requirements using the equation on page 156.
    C – Determine whether continuing to eat the way your average 3 day diet analysis calculations resulted will produce weight gain, weight loss or weight maintenance.
    D – Finally, conclude if your current diet intake could precipitate in a disease process that we have covered and why. indicate changes you can make or what you will do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should be a the largest portion of the assignment.  I want to see critical thinking through each nutrients.
Please limit report to no longer than 1 page when answering questions A-D. No cover page is necessary or bibliography.

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