1.Whistling Down the Wind: the pitfalls and possibilities of the Dodd-Frank whistleblowing program. By Rich Steeves

write a paper (double spaced; 4 pages maximum!) explaining the central issue discussed in Whistling Down the Wind: the pitfalls and possibilities of the Dodd-Frank whistleblowing program. By Rich Steeves. article.

ur paper should be expository and not critical or opinionated. That means your paper should simply report on the position given in the article.

Your paper should break down into 4 sections:

An introduction giving a brief summary of the legal/ethical policy under consideration. (In the first this is the SOX act, in the second it is Dodd-Frank.) You may have to draw from another source for this such as your book or wikipedia, but keep it simple and straightforward. The purpose of the introduction is to introduce your reader to the topic under discussion.

Address the main problem of the article, i.e. what is the issue the article focuses on? This is usually introduced early in the article and in the above articles is a problem with the legislation being discussed.

Provide reasons that support the idea that this problem is a pressing issue. This can come in the form of facts or statistics or anecdotal evidence (someones personal experience).

[*In addition you may also provide one or two examples of the problem being addressed. Be sure to keep it to no more than two. It is not helpful to have a list of examples in your paper. Instead, focus on one or two and attempt to give a more in depth explanation of how this example reflects the larger problem. Using an example should only serve to sharpen the problem; it does not replace supporting reasons.]

Give the solution being presented in the article. You may not agree that this solution is right or viable, but it is not the purpose of this paper to evaluate the solution. Report on what the article proposes as a solution and provide the reasons the author presents for thinking this is a good solution.

Write to a general audience.

Do not address me (your professor) directly.

This also means that you shouldnt assume your audience is familiar with what you are writing about.

Assume you are writing to an audience that in unfamiliar with this topic and/or piece of writing.

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